Manufacturing industry is now moving to a new trend of automation and data exchange to adopt the Industry 4.0 which includes cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things and cloud computing. All these together creates what has been called a “smart factory”. At trizlabz we are designing the next generation “brains on wheels” robotic solution which makes the movement of materials even easier to propel your business to the next level. Our robotic solutions enable flexible manufacturing and automation with integration of robotics with advanced machine control.

Health Care

Smart medical model helps to improve communication between doctors and patients. It uses the innovative concept of holography and virtual reality. It reduces risk and analyses the data of the patient to increase the overall performance. Trizlabz is researching in the area of health care business to identify useful paradigm to improve patient experience by making hospitals smarter.


Logistics is essentially getting things from A to Z with many intermediary steps and placing the components of the supply chain along with intelligent and efficient movement across all these different steps in a holistic way and add the aspect of autonomy to it. trizlabz’s core focus is to develop solutions for driver less transportation, intelligent containers, smart warehousing, and smart shelves. We are coming up with solutions that will simplify material and information exchange in all possible logistical chains and contexts.


Technology has the power to streamline and make businesses more efficient. It simultaneously provides more personalized service than ever before. The hospitality industry is diverse and has to meet a broader set of needs than almost any other industry. Innovations and technology can help this industry with virtual customer service, chat-bots to assist guests online rather than dealing with the hassles of connecting over phone. In fact, you don’t need to hire separate staff to meet the different needs of your guests; you just need the right programs. However, hospitality business can use technology for more than customer service. trizlabz is researching in the areas where it can use technology to help create a more convenient, safe and personalized guest experience by reducing operating costs.